Double-Arm Flat Snake-Arm Shields

 Double-Arm Flat Snake-Arm Shields
Double-Arm Flat Snake-Arm Shields
Double-Arm Flat Snake-Arm Shields
Each double-arm flat snake-arm shield assembly consists of a flat polycarbonate shield that is 3/16" thick (0.177" ± 10%), two shield bracket assemblies, two snake arms with a direct-mount bases, and mounting hardware. Each direct-mount base can be fastened to most any flat surface at least 2" x 1" with the included mounting hardware (two ¼"-20 x ¾" hex socket-head cap screws, two ¼"-20 nylon-insert hex locknuts, and two No. 12 pan-head Phillips x 1" zinc-plated sheet-metal screws).

Optional mounting bases and brackets can be added to the direct-mount base to provide additional mounting flexibility. There is a magnetic base, C-clamp base, and horizontal and vertical right-angle brackets. The magnetic base consists of a 3¼"-diameter magnet with 100 pounds of holding force. The C-clamp base can be mounted to a table or ledge up to 1 7/8" thick. The horizontal and vertical right-angle brackets can be helpful in positioning the shield where you need it depending on the position the base is to be mounted.

Our double-arm flat snake-arm shields are proudly made in the United States of America!

Made in The USA
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