Lathe Carriage Shields

 Lathe Carriage Shields
Lathe Carriage Shields
Lathe Carriage Shields
These heavy-duty carriage (saddle) shields are designed for manual lathes or similar machines. They serve two basic functions: (1) they provide a safeguard between individuals and point-of-operation or rotating hazards, and (2) they protect individuals from flying chips, sparks, coolant, lubricant, and other particles. The mounting bracket attaches directly to the backside of the carriage so the shield moves with the carriage as the workpiece is being machined. The shield hinges back and rests at a 45° angle, making it easy to change the workpiece.

Our lathe carriage shield assemblies consist of a 3/16"- or ¼"-thick (0.177" or 0.236" ± 10%) polycarbonate shield, steel mounting brackets, hinge(s), fasteners, and safety sign.

Our lathe carriage shields are proudly made in the United States of America!


Made in The USA
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